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This safari company was set up by the eponymous Alex Hunter, who is third generation Kenyan. He was born in 1966 in Nairobi, and has had a lifetime in the bush - both Kenya and Tanzania. He has guided for over 30 years now, since starting in his teens, working and travelling extensively throughout Eastern and Southern Africa, seeking out the most interesting wilderness areas.


Alex Hunter Safaris offers an array of fun and exciting travel options, on various different budget levels, all over the country. Whether it’s a private luxury mobile camp with ensuite bathrooms and three course meals, or hiking up the ancient valleys of Mt. Kenya, Alex Hunter is one of the best people who could take you. 

The Hunter Legacy film

A revisiting of a hunting safari undertaken in 1937 by Alex’s grandfather, this film explores the changes in the last 82 years, both in attitudes and, most crucially, the wildlife. Alex is both the focus of this film and guide throughout the film crew’s travels in Kenya.

He has a relaxed and humorous approach and a comprehensive experience of the bush, combined
with a deep understanding of and close rapport with the local people.


The film is in post-production and hoped to be distributed this year.

You may have heard on the grapevine that I have passed on the reins of Bush Camp to Asilia, but still remain involved here and working with Asilia. I continue to promote adventures to northern Kenya and Mt Kenya treks to Point Lenana through Alex Hunter Safaris as well. I'm very excited to be focusing on safaris now, which have always been my real passion - especially those that venture off the beaten track.

Over the last six months or so, I have been exploring new adventures across Africa, from the sparkling turquoise breadths of the Sudanese Nubian Flats to the steamy, lush jungles of the Congo and lots in between. There is so much to see in this continent - endless variety and wilderness. In this, my first ever newsletter (!) I’m delighted to share pictures of magical places with you and I hope you’ll visit them with me someday soon.

Whether you want to construct your own safari or simply select one of our many itinerary samples (which can be tailored exactly as you'd like), we are ready to take you all over Africa. 


Many of our guests enjoy leaving a positive impact on the places they visit and the people they meet. We work with a number of organisations in order to ensure that your holiday is happy for your soul and your conscience.



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