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Leatato is on of the last true bushmen from the Ndorobo tribe that used to roam over much of Kenya. Of Maasai origin, Alex first met him many years ago when he was working as a trader of skins own the Loita Hills.


When Alex set up his walking safaris across the Maasai Mara, Leatato helped him to do this. They have worked together ever since, and he is now an integral parter of Insiders Africa and Alex Hunter Safaris. He is a true gentleman. 


Moses joined Alex's bush camp ten years ago as a bottle washer. Through hard work, dedication and ability, he is now the manager of Ol Pejeta Bush Camp and makes sure everything runs smoothly. He is the major-domo of camp.


Another fine Maasai fellow, Duma actually comes from the Laikipa Plateau and is a Laikipiac Maasai. A great bushman, with a fun sense of humour, all trips with Duma are engaging and interesting. Duma - which means cheetah in Kiswahili - actually got his name because of his ability to work with these amazing creatures. Duma was instrumental in helping Simon King (of BBC wildlife documentary fame) and the story of Toki the Cheetah's tale. 


Before joining Alex Hunter Safaris, Duma was never too far away and acted as a research assistant for Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Duma first met Alex while tracking lions and has now been at Alex's side for over four years. Alex's head guide is always going above and beyond to ensure his guests are able to find even the most secretive of animals. Once you've heard Duma call in a black rhino or a cheetah with his amazing repertoire of voices, you will be astounded.


Clive Ward's profound knowledge and sheer passion for mountains has made him a unique and special guide. Having climbed Kilimanjaro over seventy times, and Mount Kenya over fifty, Clive's climbing and trekking experience is unsurpassed.

His career has led him to some of the world's most remote areas across Alaska, Patagonia, Peru, Bolivia, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. Residing now in Kenya, Clive began general mountaineering and technical climbing at the age of 15 in England's Lake District before moving to South Africa in his twenties, and then on to East Africa. 

Clive is a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, a life member of The Cave Exploration Group of East Africa and is also a member of the Mountain Club of Kenya. 


Chege has worked for the KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) and as a bird guide while validating the bird records on the Kenya Birdfinder and he has also worked with the Museums of Kenya. He has a certificate in Fundamentals of Ornithology (a course that he now takes part in teaching), and he is a Bronze Level of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association.

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